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We collaborate in the design and implementation of automatic SW testing processes for SpotLab.

SPOTLAB is a startup whose main product is the development of an AI platform for diagnosing medical images. Their main need was in the design and implementation of automatic processes in order to reduce repetitive tasks in the SW construction and testing processes in different environments.

With the use of Agile methodologies in a complex environment with multiple technologies and under the need to comply with quality regulatory bases in the field of health, Panel's multidisciplinary SQA team has proposed a series of improvements to Automate SW construction and the execution of functional tests on the different software modules that make up the SpotLab platform:

  • Use of AWS Pipelines for the creation of the processes that build and test the different software modules of the platform.
  • Use of the Appium testing framework for the automatic construction and testing of Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Use of the Cypress framework and strategies based on E2E business flows to test the web application automatically.

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Panel Sistemas

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