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Panel Emprende: Partners Agreement.

Lean Startup: from friends and beers to partners and pasta.

Within our Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, we return to the load with the sessions #Panel Undertake, the talks and practical workshops with which we want to awaken that restless and entrepreneurial spirit that we carry within. This time we touch on one of the great myths ... Does that of ... «we are friends, we don't need to write it» sound familiar to you? What happens when things take off? If your idea goes ahead, a lot of things will happen that you never thought would happen. And not all good ...

So we live the path that goes from beer with the idea to a startup with investors. From the hand of Javier Lopez-Camacho We will explore business concepts necessary to not die of success in the development of any entrepreneurship initiative. It was even treated in a very practical way how to make a "partner's agreement".

What is this workshop about?

What if your intrapreneurship initiative pulls forward? What if you scale and you have a large market waiting for you? Surely it will be good for you to be clear about a series of concepts associated with creating a company, and understand how to define the framework among the partners themselves, and between them and investors.

In the workshop, some points that you should know in the exciting journey that takes you from the "inception" of your solution to creating a startup were reviewed, and among them, how to make a partner agreement was discussed in more depth.

And what is this partner agreement for?

One of the first things to do when you start a company is a partner agreement. Why? In the initial phase we all think that we are going to "blow it up" and that everything will go well, but will everything be fine if we do not have a set of defined and clear rules? It is highly recommended to draw up a partner agreement that establishes how important decisions will be made, what will be the work of each of the partners, etc. This will avoid many conflicts in the future and will help you to have a proper management of your solution!

How was the Workshop?

Following the # 101PanelTechDays format (theory + practice). It began with a first part of about 35 minutes in which a series of concepts that are interesting to know for the development of a business initiative were explained. In the second part, a practical case of “a partner's agreement” was made that helped us to consolidate and understand what was seen in the first part.

If you are thinking of undertaking, on your own or through our Intrapreneurship Program,

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