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Arduino and the maker world


by | 5 June 2019 | IoT

We leave you a new post with the last session of our 101 Panel Tech Days en Panel Sistemas, this time by another young member of the new 2019 edition of the specialization and professional development program Panel Futuro Bootcamp: Alberto Espada, a man from Madrid who, at just 20 years old, considers himself a “maker” from head to toe, and in his spare time he is dedicated to tinkering with robotics and researching the IoT. 

Alberto gave us a very interesting talk about Arduino and the exciting maker world, the philosophy of DIY (Do It Yourself) and the IoT (Internet of Things). Arduino is an open source electronics creation platform based on free hardware and free software, flexible and easy to use for creators and developers. This platform allows the creation of different types of single-board microcomputers that the community of creators can give different types of use. Ultimately, it is a project that promotes the 'learning by doing' philosophy, that is, the best way to learn is tinkering.

In the talk, Alberto gave us a walk through the world of robotics, focusing on Arduino boards, but touching on different models and brands that are used today, as well as the different tools that are used in the environment. He gave us an overview of the usefulness and use of these boards and tools, and ended with a little practice.

You can see the full talk in this video, available on our Youtube channel.

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