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Playing Big Data, tracing with ELK (Elastisearch)

by | August 7 2018 | Data & AI

ELK is a set of tools composed Elastisearch (Lucene-based search server), Logtash (log management tool) and Kibana (tool to visualize and explore data). A powerful text search engine, a log management tool, and another for visualizing and exploring data.

However the really fun thing is to play with this set of tools. We will start from a scenario where different sensors store the information of its logs in several files, and we will see how to collect, transform and visualize them in powerful graphs and tables, thanks to all the possibilities it offers us ELK.

 Thanks to Adrián San Román and Josué Poma we were able to see this new technology related to Big Data from a totally different perspective, and all this within a new edition of the 101PanelTechDays.


Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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