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Exploiting the "heartbeat" in home automation installations


by | Jul 19 2018 | IoT

Big Data in home automation facilities, at PanelSistemas we continue working on innovative initiatives related to our value proposition in home automation and immotics, integrating IOT solutions with complex infrastructure control systems, Big Data environments and most of the main communication protocols both in bus and wireless.

On this occasion, we have started from a central home automation system that, via http, sends data from the multitude of defocused assets to our database MongoDB. All these millions of "beats" provide a huge amount of information, but to get the maximum benefit from this data, we need to visualize all this information in an understandable and usable way.

For this, an application has been implemented that allows us to access that information by obtaining charts and dashboards, for example to be able to diagnose the origin of possible operating errors and self-recovery from failures.

Our application uses for the FrontEnd, Angular and Bootstrap which guarantees and gives the possibility of accessibility from any device; for the BackEnd, the tool used is Spring with which we can control all the logic of the business.

We will tell you everything in the following video # 101PaneltechDays

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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