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Transform your vision into reality

Our Cloud and Infrastructure services offer the solid foundation your business needs to reach new heights in the digital age.


Why Panel?


Automation is one of our main strengths. We carry out proactive automation, reducing waiting and deployment times, increasing the availability of systems, facilitating self-resolution and escalation of incidents, and optimizing costs.

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We verify the security of infrastructures, resolve possible security breaches, and maintain proactive monitoring to detect and mitigate all types of threats. We comply with the security standards of ISO 27001 and the National Security Scheme.

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We guarantee compliance with the highest security and data protection standards, in accordance with European regulations.


We provide the necessary infrastructure and resources in the Cloud to enable and enhance DataOps practices, facilitating efficient, agile and scalable data management.


We analyze and optimize your business processes to adapt them to the new paradigm represented by Cloud environments: automatic, agile, flexible, and idempotent processes, which allow the efficient use of resources and minimize associated costs.


We carry out comprehensive management of Cloud projects, including planning, resources, budget, architecture design, deployment and maintenance, and tracking of deliverables.

We collaborate with Project Management Offices, and use agile methodologies and advanced project management tools to foster collaboration between teams and measure progress effectively.


We use open standards and proven and successful modular architectures to maintain the agility and flexibility of your operations in Cloud environments.

We continually evaluate supplier alternatives to mitigate the risk of vendor lock-in in your organization and adapt to the needs of your business.

We take your technological infrastructure to the next level, to boost the efficiency and competitiveness of your company.



Advanced Cloud solutions that drive the efficiency, security and performance of your data infrastructure and operations.

Observability in infrastructure and applications

We improve the health and performance of your business, so you can respond quickly to new challenges.

ELK, Zabbix, Datadog, Splunk, Dynatrace.

  • Integration of monitoring and early warning systems to proactively keep your business running, guaranteeing a quick response to any incident and minimizing human errors.
  • Monitoring capacity, platform use, costs, bottlenecks and waste.
  • Design and architecture optimization to improve your business resilience (SRE). We ensure the reliability, availability and performance of systems and services, guaranteeing that they are able to resist and recover from failures and unexpected events.

Container Orchestration

We bring flexibility and resilience to your applications, no matter where you choose to run them.

Docker, Docker Swarm, Podman, Kubernetes, Openshift/OKD, Tanzu, EKS (AWS) and AKS (Azure).

  • Use of container technologies to simplify deployment and guarantee the portability of your applications.
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes for scalable and automated management.
  • Design of backup and recovery strategies to ensure business continuity.
  • Infrastructure changes between physical and cloud, between pure and orchestrated containers, or with hyperscalar orchestration services.

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

We optimize your costs, mitigate risks, and facilitate access to continuous innovation.

CloudStack, Open Nebula.

  • Design of multi-cloud architectures to mitigate risks and ensure availability and resilience.
  • Using multi-cloud management tools to simplify administration across multiple environments.
  • Implementation of consistent security policies in all clouds used.
  • Centralization of cost management for optimization.

Cutting Edge Security (SecOps)

A digital shield around your business, defending what matters most.

Nessus, OpenVas, SIEM, SOAR, MSSP, MDR and XDR, NeuVector, Aquasec.

  • Protection of your digital assets at every stage of development and operation.
  • Code review, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing to ensure the robustness of your applications.
  • Identity and access management to control who has access to your resources.
  • Availability of a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to lead and supervise your information security strategy.
  • Guarantee of results in accordance with the budget, resources and risk tolerance of each organization.

Smart Automation

We accelerate Time to Market and increase operational efficiency.

Jenkins, Zabbix, Gitlab, Github Actions, Azure Devops, Graphana, Sonar Qube, Nexus, ArgoCD.

  • Proactive, event-based automation to add intelligence through unattended workflows and increase operational efficiency.
  • Implementation and improvement of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) solutions to deploy your platform predictably and smoothly.
  • Implementation of automation solutions to accelerate software development, testing and delivery processes.

Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps)

We ensure that every euro invested is used optimally.

  • Implementation of FinOps practices to optimize your cloud costs and ensure efficient financial management of resources.
  • Analysis of solutions by an expert team in cloud architectures, finances and operations.
  • Creation of comparative scenarios and use cases.
  • Monitoring, consumption alerts and control policies to contain unforeseen spending.

Edge Computing and Real-Time Analysis

We help the industry make informed and rapid decisions driven by data.

Apache (Kafka, Druid, ZooKeeper, Hive, Spark, Airflow, HBase, NiFi, Superset and Hadoop HDFS), Zeppelin, , ELK, Wazuh, Suricata.

  • Deploy resources in Edge Computing to reduce latency and enable real-time analysis, which is essential in critical applications.
  • Use of data streaming technologies to make faster decisions.
  • Implementation of security solutions to maintain data sovereignty and protect sensitive data.

Digital Infrastructure Transformation

A technological infrastructure that evolves and learns, driving efficiency like never before.

OpenTofu, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, CLi, Go!, Python.

  • Evaluation of current infrastructure to identify areas for improvement and design solutions optimized for costs and performance.
  • Cloud migration services, both infrastructure and applications.
  • Modernization of current technological infrastructure to boost efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Implementation of best practices Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to manage resources efficiently and consistently, and ensure consistency and scalability.
  • We position your organization in a preferred place through the development of native cloud applications. (See Application Development)

GitOps for Infrastructure Management

Your infrastructure managed with maximum precision, control and sustainability.

Jenkins, Nexus, Jira, MS Teams, Remedy, Slack, Github, Gitlab.

  • Use of the GitOps methodology to manage your infrastructure and applications in a declarative way.
  • Implementation of version management and change control best practices to ensure traceability and recovery in case of problems.
  • Using GitOps operators to detect changes and automatically update the infrastructure.
  • Through GitOps we encourage active collaboration between development and operations teams.

Support and Maintenance Services

We ensure that your business always remains available and reliable for your customers.

Cloud (IBM, AWS, Azure, GCP) Unix, Wintel.

  • Implementation of monitoring and alert systems for early detection and resolution of problems.
  • Automation of preventive maintenance tasks to avoid unplanned interruptions.
  • Maintaining an updated knowledge base for efficient support.

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