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We collaborate with the Malaga Lawyer's Office in the redesign and development of its new web portal.

by | 1 September 2022 | News

Through an Agile methodology, the Panel team has collaborated in the design and has developed the new web portal for Lawyer of Malaga, on a new CMS content manager, adapting to the design requirements and the complex structure of the old portal.

One of the objectives of this project was, in addition to updating the corporate image of the Law Firm of Malaga and a new design of the website adapted to the new image, to improve the way in which the old portal displayed and managed the contents of the web. To this end, Panel first carried out an exhaustive consultancy task to organize and classify the information, define the navigability and structure of the new content, and perform the migration from the old CMS to the new one (Wordpress), providing a better UX/UI user experience to whoever accesses the portal.

Panel has also carried out the private portal development of the legal profession by connecting WP with LDAP (username and password), and access with a digital certificate. In addition, with a Single Sign On identification system that allows a faster, safer and more efficient connection to registered users, giving access to multiple applications with a single registration.

At Panel, we have collaborated in choosing and improving the management of storage, with the aim of achieving an improvement in the performance and positioning of the new page.

Lastly, Panel's multidisciplinary team has provided a initial and continuous in the handling of the new CMS to the managers of the different areas in charge of the maintenance and update of contents of the Lawyer of Malaga.

This change, together with the change in the image of the school, has managed to show a web portal with fresher, more dynamic and modern content.

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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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