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#PanelEmprende Design Thinking Workshop

Revolutionize the way you create solutions with Design Thinking

Within our corporate Entrepreneurship Program, we have returned to the fray with another episode of the workshops #EnterprisePanel, a new saga dedicated to talks and practical workshops with which we intend to awaken the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that you carry within.

Last November, from the hand of an expert in the field such as Agustin Valentin-Gamazo, we gave a workshop on the practical application of Design Thinking. Where you could learn more about the methodology with which innovate and create people-based solutions. Companies like Apple, Google, (and now Panel 😉 use these techniques in their day to day life.

What is Design Thinking?

The Design Thinking methodology consists of designing solutions that coincide with the needs of people, that are technologically feasible and maintain a viable strategy in the business model.

And what is this for?

This methodology includes many tools for each of its phases, and has a multitude of applications on a personal and professional day-to-day basis. For example:

  • At home: do you have to design the holidays for the family or do you want to give your partner something special? Use Design Thinking!
  • In your work: do you want to detect new opportunities? Would you like to contribute something else to your work and also grow as a professional? Use Design Thinking!

How was the Workshop?

In the workshop, they talked about the foundations of Design Thinking and a practical exercise was carried out to implement it in a specific case. The objective was to know the basics of the methodology and work with it in situ.

If you are thinking of undertaking, or trying through our Corporate Program, YOU CAN NOT LOSE THIS!!

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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