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Panel Emprende: How to break a traditional market? VR and AI

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence to learn to speak in public.

Within our Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, we return to the load with the sessions #Panel Undertake, the talks and practical workshops with which we want to awaken that restless and entrepreneurial spirit that we carry within.

We propose an interesting session to get to know closely Soraya Portillo, a true force of nature in entrepreneurship, adaptation and personal growth. In this talk we will talk about how the startup's ideation, incubation and take-off was Chiara. He told us about the lessons learned, how it has been validating its disruptive proposals in the market, the usefulness of incubation ecosystems, allies ... and failures.


Soraya Portillo He has been in Training and HR consulting for more than 20 years. We have invited her as founder and CEO of Chiara (2016), an immersive experience through virtual reality to improve communication skills in public, a product that in its first year on the market has generated a turnover of almost 500.000 euros. She is also the founder and CEO of Team Training Consulting, a Human Resources consultancy specialized in skills development, for her:

Entrepreneurship is taking responsibility for the risk and the work you have to do to achieve a goal. We all have ups and downs, but we have to fight those mental limiters with self-awareness, and with the assurance that we are there because we really deserve it.

If you are thinking of undertaking, on your own or through our Intrapreneurship Program,

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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