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Panel Emprende: Making a hobby profitable, creating video games

Making a hobby profitable: creation and publication of video games

Within our Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, we return again with a session  #EnterprisePanel  very special: you will enjoy the exciting experience of our partner Daniel López, a brilliant professional with a strong entrepreneurial character who has successfully launched his own video game. 

Yes Yes! Your own video games!  

Specifically, Daniel will explain to us what the current moment of the sector is from within! He will tell us which platforms are the most used, the change - and rather the challenge - posed by video games at the level of work model, and the knowledge basic technicians as well as the skills that you are going to miss a lot? It will also touch on everything related to the commercialization and monetization of a video game, with issues such as publication strategies, business models or financing. Does anyone give more?

In the final part of the session, he will tell us, in a practical way, some characteristics that make Unity the platform that has allowed the democratization of the construction of videogames worldwide. And all of the above, spiced up with anecdotes, personal experiences and lessons learned that will allow you to get to know some of the peculiarities and realities of this market in a fun and entertaining way.

We hope that your experiences help us to awaken that restless and entrepreneurial spirit that we carry inside!


Daniel López Soria is a Computer Engineer and teleworks in Panel from the Cáceres town of Malpartida de Plasencia. He has been with us for 14 years and all his life designing games with taking turns in turnopia, either in board format or digital. The appearance of the video game development platform Unity made it easier for him to experiment with ideas and translate them into various projects, which culminated in the launch of the video game in 2014. QVADRIGA , marketed by the prestigious British publisher slitherine for PC, Android and iPad. Since then he has had a daughter, has published two more games and continues to fight to increase his presence in this sector.

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