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The importance of a multidisciplinary team in the creation of a software product

We have had a business idea! Let's start it! ”. The idea promises, we feel that it can be a great product and we also have the resources to start ... And now where do we continue?

Wellssssssssssssss… It's clear right? If what we want is to develop a software product, we have to create the BEST team of analysts and programmers in the world ... Specialists in cutting-edge technologies, experts and skilled, hardened in the world of programming, decisive and not afraid to face new technologies … NOT NECESSARILY …

Thinking about the team

Without a doubt, the work team is a key element to take into account. What would our ideal team look like? How do we know if we have the right people for the roles we need? In which profiles do we spend our investment money?

If you want to develop a software product that takes your business idea to the market, surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team.

These are some of the roles that, along with the technicians, coexist in my team of Zahorí.io successfully.Complete multidisciplinary team 1

Marketing role       

If you surround yourself with great technicians you will have great software, but you will not know how to bring it to the market. Imagine that we have developed the best automation software. How do we explain it to the world? You can develop a website that says we have the best automation software on the market, but… wait… would we believe this statement just by reading it? Obviously not. It is necessary to work with Marketing strategies and content generation that help us discover and bring our product closer to potential customers.





Sales role

Great software does not ensure you will be successful in sales because are the technical developers the main actors in this process? It is very possible that it is not enough. Being accompanied by a technician to a Pre-sale meeting is an indisputable advantage, but It is essential that a person with vision of the sales process in itself. You never know what type of interlocutor you are going to find on the other side of the table and having a role that applies knowledge and experience in this area makes a difference.

Financial role

From the beginning of the process of creating a product, it is necessary to be very clear about our financial objectives. We want have identified how much is invested and what is being the return on investment in the short, medium and long term.  There are decisions that must be made and incorporated into our team a financial role will make our lives easier.

Owner or Guide Role

El Roadmap of the product should not be tied to a technical approach. When we hit the market with a MVPThat must be a minimum viable product that allows us to listen and discover the way. For a purely technical role it is very tempting to add functionalities that cost little effort, so we rely on a guide role. Our lives are going to look at the product from the user's perspective (what will really add value, in what terms, etc). We not only want to be agile, we also want to be correctly oriented.Complete multidisciplinary team 1Although this is the composition of the multidisciplinary team that covers our needs, the structure of roles that you will need for the development of your product will depend on yours. Become aware of it, work on it, and seek help if necessary (we have relied on our friends from thinking with you). And above all remember:

It is essential to identify the roles explicitly and communicate them to the team.

Choose the multidisciplinary team that will accompany the launch of your software product with care. Take care of the variety and pay attention that they are represented in your team all these roles, in addition to the necessary technical skills, because that is undoubtedly the way to success.

Belen Gomez

Belen Gomez

Belén is Team Lead Manager in the Quality Assurance and Software Testing Area of Panel Sistemas. You can contact her via e-mail, riding a Twitter , or visit your profile at Linkedin.

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