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Panel activity begins in the European Research Consortium in SQA for μDEVOPS environments

by | November 15 2021 | News

In February 2020, Panel began its collaboration in a research program in the field of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) for Microservice Environments (μDevOps), as part of a European consortium of companies and universities from Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Holland and Spain.

The objective of the program, funded by the European Commission through the Strategic Investment Plan Horizon 2020, was to create a stable group of experts to spend several months a year in a joint investigation and exchange of information through face-to-face monographic sessions each lasting two weeks, over 4 years.

Two months after the start-up, the coronavirus forced to paralyze all face-to-face activity, and reschedule all dates.

This October 2021, it has finally been possible resume work with the visit of the first exchange researchers, from the Federico II University of Naples, to the new Panel facilities.

As of 2022, face-to-face sessions will be normalized in each of the universities and companies that participate in the Program, as well as the dissemination of progress that the Group of Experts carry out during the four years that the collaboration will last.

What is the project μDEVOPS?

The aim of the μDEVOPS project is form an international and intersectoral network of organizations working on a joint research program in the field of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) for engineering processes in the Development and Operation of Microservices (μDevOps).

This knowledge sharing program will focus, as main scientific objective, in the study, definition and implementation of a test process to μDevOps that integrates algorithms, techniques and methods to:

  1. Design mechanisms of machine learning aimed at context-sensitive tests, based on systems resilience models;
  2. Create reliability processes in vivo, establishing the performance and security conditions of complex systems in production, through the sampling of tests generated by context;
  3. Generate risk assessment methods aimed at estimating, based on test results and field data, the commercial risk associated with the use of each functionality and its possible failure, establishing a prioritization based on potential business risks.

In the long term, the μDEVOPS project aims to deepen the knowledge of new methodologies to face the challenges of the SQA in the creation of software and establish strategies that allow specify advances in new products and services available to the Information Technology industry.

This will allow participating organizations adapt to new needs, proposing methods and tools for create Quality software from its design, and automatically ensure its operation throughout the entire start-up chain.

Through its Team of Experts, Panel contributes to the project its 15 over years of experience, measuring and improving Quality Experience (QX) of software users in large multi-sector projects.

At Panel, we improve the quality of development processes, through end-to-end processes with a high degree of automation, reducing the time to put the software into production by standardizing its construction and deployment, and ensuring the behavior of new functionalities. .

You can consult the rest of the participants and other details about the μDEVOPS project on the website of the European Commission on Horizon 2020url:

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

For any additional information, contact us via e-mail at this address.

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