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Room reservation system for Altadis

Altadis is a multinational group in the tobacco sector with headquarters in Madrid.

Development of a meeting room reservation management system, integrated with the CRESTRON FUSION platform and with all the DEKOM installer's specific home automation hardware for ALTADIS offices.


Have an application for managing the reservation of rooms at Altadis offices in Madrid.


The client's needs consisted of having a web application accessible from any mobile device and platform, for managing the reservation of rooms at Altadis offices in Madrid. A cloud platform solution was required that could be installed within an Azure server owned by Altadis, and integrated with home automation hardware devices located in the rooms.

The application had to show information about the rooms, as well as a global visualization of their status in the different time bands, in order to be able to quickly and intuitively identify the availability of each of them. It also had to be able to manage no-show scenarios, with automatic releases and management of inactivity schedules, independently configurable by room.

Access to the application must validate users through Altadis's own Active Directory, filtering and searching intelligently through the domain components and / or specific organizational units of the Spain division.


The development of a meeting room reservation management system meeting all customer requirements.


Panel as a company specialized in services related to IoT, Big Data and Development of complete solutions in the field of Domotics and Immotics, has collaborated with Dekom, a leading integrator of videoconferencing solutions and audiovisual technology, in the development of a Management System of Reservation of meeting rooms for Altadis.

This System is integrated with the CRESTRON FUSION platform and with all the Hardware and specific IoT devices for presence detection, touch screens on the doors, status signaling beacons, etc.

Panel's value proposition incorporates a responsive web application with a user-friendly interface and high usability that allows users to make recursive reservations based on the needs of each meeting, from any device and platform.

It also integrates with the VideoWall and streaming solution developed by Dekom as an annex to the final room reservation solution.

The web-responsive application with a friendly interface and high usability, allows users to make reservations as needed.


Software development

Inmotics and IoT solutions


.NET | IIS | HTML | BootStrap | JQuery | ajax



OGMA Panel methodology, software development and services


Technological innovation

Integration of home automation systems

Facility Management Solutions


Integration with CRESTON FUSION to control the different home automation elements in each room.

Web-responsive and multi-browser interface, where you can view the general reservation status of the rooms.

Generation of different roles for the different users who can access the application, and Integration with Altadis Active Directory.

Management of iCalendar and mailings. Graphical interface in calendar mode and possibility of reservation by "click".

Possibility of recursive reservations and cancellations / fast ad-hoc reservations with a generic user.