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Development of the KITE platform for Telefónica

Panel collaborates in the KITE platform development project together with Ericsson and Telefónica.

KITE is Telefónica's technological platform for the control and management of M2M / IoT communication lines in real time and remotely, from anywhere in the world.


Develop a connectivity solution that allows you to control and monitor the fleet of lines in real time and remotely, from anywhere in the world.


Beyond managing connectivity, Kite Platform responds to customer challenges in all dimensions of the IoT ecosystem (devices, connectivity, application, security and analytics).

Kite has a dedicated global IoT network infrastructure, with the best quality standards in the market. This network is deployed globally and is hosted in the cloud, being accessible at any time and place via the web or API.

Kite Platform has managed connectivity functionalities among which the following stand out. Control of spending and consumption in real time, increased security, integration with customers' commercial systems and Public IoT Cloud platforms, high service availability thanks to the global SIM and geolocation.


Due to his experience and know-how in real-time pricing systems, he has participated in the design and implementation of an optimized solution


A new module is created to provide the platform with the charging capabilities that will allow it to meet the expected strong demand for M2M / IOT lines in a robust and reliable, scalable way and with extraordinary performance. This new node is integrated with the mobile telephony network (GGSN / P-GW), through the diameter network protocol, and implements the necessary logic to perform the charging of the SIM lines associated with the IoT devices.

The application of agile methodologies, using Jira, and an adequate strategy in the construction of the solution, has allowed to carry out the developments with an adequate time to market, in a flexible and efficient way.

Given the complexity and criticality at the network level of the solution, the system is endowed with a very high code coverage ratio through unit tests. Additionally, an automatic acceptance testing framework has been created, designing scenarios to corroborate the behavior of the developed product (Behave-BDD).

Panel's experience in Lean and Agile methodologies has made it possible to reinforce the transformation plan the client is in, providing methodological improvements.


Software development

QA. Automatic tests and performances

DevOps - Continuous Integration


Redis | MongoDB | Oracle | RabbitMQ | gRPC | Protobuf | Java | Python | Maven | gradle

Docker | Ansible | Openstack | Jenkins | Behave | BDD (Behavior DrivenDevelopment) | Gherkin | Diameter | Tour


Agile methodologies, applying DevOps and BDD


IoT (Internet of Things)

TMT (Time to Market)

Integration with mobile telecommunications network nodes (GGSN / P-GW)

Real-time systems and high availability


New scalable charging node to meet the exponential growth of M2M / IoT devices.

Information on spending and consumption control in real time.

Integration with the mobile network through the Diameter protocol in accordance with the norms and standards of the industry.

Optimized system with exceptional performance and high availability.

Automated and scalable QA of the product.