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Container-based Cloud platform governance for the aeronautical sector.

Panel collaborates in the project governance of a cloud platform based on Docker containers, orchestration with OpenShift and Ovirt/RHV server virtualization for a leading company in the Aeronautical sector.


Develop a solution based on containers and virtualization that allows the client to have complete management and governance of their systems and subsystems.


For this project, the client needed a complete service-oriented solution that would enable governance of its air traffic systems and subsystems, as well as the building blocks required for network infrastructure and storage resource management.

It has also been necessary to know the business applications and propose improvements to gain stability, scalability, security and ease of maintenance. 

It was also necessary to address the standardization and automation of software quality processes in high-performance environments based on microservices.



Design and implement a stable, robust and secure architecture for the cloud government platform.

For the complete Government solution, the Panel team has opted for container technology orchestrated by Openshit and Ovirt/Red Hat Virtualization. In this way, the containerization of all management systems has been carried out, as well as the centralized management of the elements that make up the solution: Hardware (scalable server farm), OpenShift Orchestration Software, and Server Virtualization in Ovirt/Red Hat Virtualization.

The management of storage resources of all subsystems has also been carried out, having common elements of MFA, Observability with ELK-type solutions with Prometheus, Elastic and Kibana.

In the government sphere, we actively participate in the management, installation and maintenance of the pre-productive and productive environments of the client's different management applications.

On the other hand, the definition of SLI/SLO/SLA has been improved, and continuous improvement of the systems has been carried out, making proposals for Backup, Observability and BRS solutions.

Finally, we have participated in the configuration and help with the monitoring of the Virtual Farm and OpenShift through the use of Zabbix as a monitoring tool.

Thanks to Panel's experience in operating systems management, cloud architecture design and modular systems, an optimized solution has been implemented for the client.



Governance of the client's own systems platform.

OpenShift systems architecture – Ovirt.

Monitoring of services and government platform.

Environments based on microservices.

DevOps practices.


Red Hat | OpenShift | Docker-Swarn | Mongo | Ovirt | Red Hat Virtualization | LDAP
Dell/EMC Storage Array Management | NetSight | Cisco Prime | Kafka


Agile methodologies, applying DevOps

Client's own methodologies


Technological innovation

Architecture Design

Integration with third-party solutions

Commissioning of complete solutions

Solution Capacity Planning

Methodological improvements and good DevOps practices




Methodological evolution following the client's business objectives.


Resolution of multiple critical incidents for the business.


Continuous improvement of systems with proposed solutions for Backup, Observability, storage, etc.


Generation and updating of product backlog at all times and in each Sprint detected.

Migration and management of complex environments.