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Video tourist experience platform

Panel has developed the BOO TRAVELS video experience platform.

BooTravels is the only online platform that offers 100% video tourist experiences. Tourism companies and public administrations publish spectacular videos to attract user visits.


The BooTravels team, a startup in the Tourism and Travel sector, trusted Panel to make their ideas about a new and innovative online video experience platform a reality.


The BooTravels team wanted a new way of offering and searching for tourist destinations, where the value of product is the experience that is offered to the traveler. To do this, he proposed a challenge to us: develop the first video experience search engine based on a selection of best content on hotels, restaurants, activities and destinations.

Panel has collaborated from the conceptual beginning of the solution, to the development of both the back-end and front-end platform for the end user.


Design and develop a new streaming video platform where users looking for inspiration for their next getaways can consult and book experiences.


BooTravels is a disruptive startup within the Tourism and Travel sector, where technology plays a fundamental role. For this reason, the development of the entire platform has been carried out with the latest technologies and with the objective of reducing the Time to Market to the maximum for the launch of BooTravels to the market.

To do this, in the first phase it was necessary to define all the infrastructure that would allow both the continuous development of the project, as well as the installation and configuration of the necessary systems and the data architecture. For this we have used the base architecture based on Panel microservices, offering solidity, maintainability, flexibility and agility in the platform's time to market. The services of Amazon Web Services have also been used to have a scalable infrastructure in resources and costs that facilitates the management of video content, and a CDN (Content Delivery Network) server to serve content as quickly as possible to users. users.

For the web portal, all the defined functionalities were developed under strict UX/UI usability criteria for both desktop and mobile, generating both visual and functional impact for the user. To do this, the buyer persona was defined, the competition was analyzed and the entire development was aligned with the aesthetic and branding requirements of the brand.

For the backoffice of the BooTravels platform, a management area has been developed for Suppliers from where they can manage their own video content that will subsequently be published as experiences on the BooTravels website. Likewise, the platform administration area was developed, from where the BooTravels team will be able to manage all the information related to the experiences website (sections, subsections, areas...).

Panel has been crucial for boost the business of this great initiative, aligning its objectives and needs with the most appropriate technological enablers.


Software development

DevOps - Continuous Integration

UX / UI design


Java | Spring | Maven | OpenAPI 3 | Swagger | Lombok | MapStruct | JPA
Microservices | Spring Boot | Eureka | Spring Cloud Gateway | Spring Cloud Config Server | Spring OAuth2
PostgreSQL | PostGIS
Docker | Jenkins (configuration as code)
AWS EC2 | AWS S3 | Vimeo


OGMA Panel Methodology, ecoLogical software manufacturing
Agile methodologies involving the business team


video streaming
TMT (Time to Market)
Cloud storage (AWS)


ICO rocket 1 blue

BooTravels hits the market at the end of 2023, revolutionizing the travel experience and building the future of tourism.



Specific and highly personalized design of the Streaming Platform: navigation through carousels, automatic video playback depending on connection speed, different content sizes and types of users, etc. 


Storage in AWS making the business model itself viable, supporting all web traffic as well as the high volume of content.


Design, content architecture and multi-device and multi-platform navigation of the entire application, following UX/UI criteria.

SEO positioning strategy of the brand in web search engines that allows increasing visibility and increasing the number of visits.