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EYWA: the transformation of SYSRED for Enaire

ENAIRE is the main provider of air navigation and aeronautical information services in Spain, the fourth in Europe by volume of traffic and one of the most important worldwide.

Panel collaborates in the SYSRED transformation project and development of the EYWA platform, which will be the innovative evolution of the current ENAIRE Network Supervision system.


Evolve the SYSRED system towards fully integrated and automated supervision


Enaire's current network supervision system, SYSRED, is responsible for the real-time operational supervision of the network, the provision of services, and the operation and maintenance of Enaire's centralized air navigation systems.

SYSRED allows Enaire to coordinate and manage all the information received from those situations that alter the normal operation of the facilities, systems and / or services provided by Enaire, which have or may have an impact on their quality, for reasons such as adverse weather conditions, incidents techniques, diversions or aircraft incidents, among others.

Enaire considers the need to evolve the SYSRED system towards fully integrated and automated supervision. This new platform for the supervision of the Enaire network has been called EYWA, and from the beginning it has been an icon in the conception of the Transformation and the value of Enaire's innovation.


The current architecture will be modified to design a more agile, efficient and integrated platform.


Panel collaborates with Indra Sistemas in the elaboration of the Value proposal of the new EYWA platform.

EYWA will replace the current decoupled supervision by an integrated network supervision, and for this the current architecture that supports the system will be modified to design a platform that will allow visualizing and managing the flow of services and incidents in a more agile, efficient way and allowing a Integrated omnichannel visualization of the entire monitoring system.

From the beginning, the proposed architecture will support the evolution of the project, and will also support the generation of dashboards and reports as an omnichannel information streaming. The technology used will be a key element to give visibility to this strategic vector.

In addition, a Devops team has been created to manage the EYWA development life cycle based on Automatic Infrastructure Deployment, Continuous Integration and Continuous Distribution (CI / DC).

Panel's experience in Lean and agile methodologies has also made it possible to reinforce the transformation plan the client is in, providing methodological improvements.



Software development

Big Data Services

DevOps - Continuous Integration

RPA automation


Python 3 | Java | PL-SQL | Shell Scripting | Angular

SQL Qlick Sense | MS Windows Server | Linux Centos 7

PosgreSQL | Cassandra | MySQL | Qlik Sense | Qlick Nprinting | WordPress | Jira | Fact24


OGMA Panel methodology, software development and services

Agile methodologies Lean and agile, involving the business team


Innovation and technological transformation

Omnichannel web platform

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

Cultural change


Replacement of the current decoupled supervision by an integrated network supervision with a centralized system, obtaining important synergies of resources and equipment.

Web Stream platform adaptable to user and channel (EYWA), as orchestrator of the service.

EYWA enables multi-device and multi-platform integration and viewing. High process automation.

Centralized incident engine to improve crisis management and the treatment of incidents in a more collaborative, efficient and traceable way, betting on the culture of change.

Incorporation of Big Data technologies with great capacity for analysis and diversity of visualizations. Obtaining reports and deliverables based on the profile and viewing channel.