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Student registration system for UNIR

International University of La Rioja (UNIR): System for student enrollment and Configurator of enrollment conditions.

Definition and implementation of a fully configurable and dynamic student enrollment system, as well as a configurator of enrollment conditions for UNIR.


The proposed objective was to have a highly configurable enrollment process adaptable to all markets where the company operates.


UNIR collaborates with a business group that offers distance education through different universities in various countries. These are regulated studies that are taught electronically through live virtual classes, videos and other resources shared on the Web. Students only need to attend the evaluation exams in person, as it is an essential requirement to be able to obtain an official undergraduate or graduate degree from a university.

The proposed objective was to have a highly configurable and adaptable enrollment process to all markets where the company operates, as well as to optimize the process of implementing new versions to meet the needs of such a changing environment.


PANEL's effort in this project has focused on the development of new tools that have provided a work environment where academic concepts are perfectly separated and delimited from commercial and marketing concepts.


The project has consisted of defining and implementing a highly dynamic and configurable student enrollment system that adapts to the characteristics and singularities of the different countries and training centers in which UNIR provides its services, as well as having a system of configuration of enrollment conditions that brings together and unifies the management of all relevant parameters (prices, periods, student data, study plans, country singularities, etc.) in the preparation of products.

Panel has collaborated in the definition of a “clean” process, so that once the enrollment conditions have been defined and the composition of a certain product has been elaborated, enrollment in the corresponding studies is triggered in a unified way, avoiding inefficiencies and unnecessary complexities.

The execution of an economically limited project has been made compatible with the benefits of using agile methodologies, offering maximum value to users.


Software development

DevOps - Continuous Integration


Angle | NodeJS | Spring | Spring Boot | Spring-MVC | Spring-Security

OpenApi / Swagger | OAuth2 | SQLServer | Apache | Tomcat | Nginx

Docker | Enterprise Architect | AzureDevOps | Jenkins | nexus | Team City


OGMA Panel Methodology, for software development and services

Agile methodologies Lean and agile, involving the business team


Technological innovation

UX/UI Design

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

Integration with corporate and third-party APIs

Good DevOps practices


Have a dynamic and configurable student enrollment process depending on the market and the country of origin.

A visual modeling that helps to use a common language between departments when configuring the offers to your clients.

Improvements in the field of UX. Multi-device access.

Integration with the rest of systems and corporate services library.

Optimization and configuration of payment methods and gateways, and Orchestrator between commercial and academic levels, strengthening end-to-end traceability.