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Inquieto: Technology platform for last-mile delivery

Inquieto provides comprehensive solutions to optimize last mile mobility with the latest zero emissions vehicles. Prepared for the new mobility in populations.

Panel is developing the technological platform for Startup Inquieto to manage its business, and offer value-added services to its clients.


Offer solutions in the last mile delivery with light electric vehicles of different types for the distribution of capilar.


Restless Moving Attitude, a recently created company that has the support of GAM and that, at the same time, has extensive experience in logistics and sustainable last-mile distribution.

Restless was born with the differential value of offering solutions in last-mile delivery through long-term comprehensive rental of light electric vehicles of different types and disruptive proposals for the distribution of capilar. In addition, they develop innovative solutions that drive change based on technology and the implementation of cross-cutting projects.

Panel has been collaborating, since the birth of this Startup, in the development of the technological platform that will allow Inquieto not only to optimize its business processes to be more profitable, but also to offer value proposals to all customer verticals.


Development of a technological platform with a microservices architecture that allows serving the restless team and being able to offer value-added services to its clients.


The first leg of the platform that we wanted to address is the integration of a CRM that would allow Inquieto to carry out correct commercial management, the chosen tool has been SuiteCRM. Inquieto has more than 53 branches in Spain in just 9 months of life, so it was important to have commercial management centralized.

The second objective that was raised is the integration of an ERP to be able to carry out a correct management of assets and allow Inquieto to be independent in the generation of invoicing to its clients.

With these two modules as cornerstones of the solution, a web platform based on microservices has been developed that allows users to access the different modules of the platform through a Single Sign-On system based on KeyCloak

An iOT device has been installed in the vehicles that emits “heartbeats” every second so the customer can access the real-time location of their vehicles, view the routes, check the kilometers traveled, know the battery level or have a monitoring system. alerts related to vehicle maintenance.

One of the most important and strategic points of the platform is to offer services to Inquieto customers through an omni-channel portal.


Software development


crms | ERP


Apache | keycloak | OpenLDAP | SuiteCRM | Odo | python

Angular | Spring Boot | Docker | Apache kafka

MariaDB | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | Jenkins | Sonar | Nexus | GIT


OGMA Panel Methodology, ecoLogical software manufacturing

Agile methodologies involving the business team

"Modern" architectures with microservices


Technological innovation.

Microservices platform.

Integration of ERP and CRM tools in a unified platform.

IOT (Internet of Things).

Agile methodologies, applying DevOps.


Centralized CRM that allows the integrated management of Inquieto's commercial activity, and ERP for agile asset management.

Control of the fleet of vehicles, knowing at all times its location, mileage, battery level of the electric vehicle.

Highly scalable platform thanks to the design of the software architecture based on microservices, and multi-company / multi-country for rapid expansion.

Unique Data Model (MDU) unifying the different data sources (CRM, ERP, iOT ...) for subsequent exploitation and analytics.

Automation of the billing process, significantly reducing the time spent on this activity by the Inquieto team.