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RSI success story

Automation of software quality processes for RSI

Rural Servicios Informáticos, a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of software solutions for the financial sector.

Panel collaborates in the standardization and automation of software quality processes in high-performance environments based on microservices.


RSI needed to rely on an external team to evolve the Quality Assurance Methodology (SQA) in the specific aspect of automated microservices testing.


RSI uses the SoapUI tool to test web services in a punctual and non-integrated way, since, in its open source version, it is a good option for automating tests on SOAP and REST services.

The Panel team started from the existing tests in the different SoapUI projects involved, and used this work as a model to extend the life cycle of current software with test automation processes, thus expanding the RSI SQA methodology with components that have allowed a greater coverage of regressive cases and a greater speed in the evolution of services, maximizing in any case the reuse of the generated software.


The current architecture will be modified to design a more agile, efficient and integrated platform.


The CEllST Team has carried out very complex tasks technically and with great corporate impact such as the standardization of the RSI service catalog, the generation of automatic tests for the APIs that RSI exports, the decision-making regarding the internal structures of those APIS , and the incorporation of TDD techniques in the basic methodology for the development of new services.

As a result, RSI has a service testing automation process that involves different teams and phases in the software life cycle, perfectly orchestrated in a continuous integration environment that has significantly improved its reliability, versatility and TTM indicators. (Time to Market).

The process of transferring information to RSI's technical interlocutors has been fast and very satisfactory, acquiring autonomy in the evolution of automation software in a natural way.


Software Quality Assurance

Process automation

SOAP and REST service environments

DevOps - Continuous Integration


Java | soapUI | Zahorí

Jenkins | Maven | HP ALM


SCRUM / Agile methodologies

Panel SQA Methodology

RSI SQA Methodology


Technological innovation

SQA in microservices environments

Regression Automation in Continuous Integration environment

Demanding TTM (Time to Market)

High levels of Integration

Good DevOps practices


Methodological evolution following RSI's business objectives.

Maximum use of the SoapUI tool and the initial development infrastructure.

Adaptation to the RSI Continuous Integration environment.

Standardization of the RSI Services Catalog and resolution of inconsistencies detected.

Automation of the configuration and execution of service testing projects in RSI's own ecosystem of tools.