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Eductrade: development of the That's English mobile app

Eductrade is a company specialized in the comprehensive development of projects with extensive experience in comprehensive educational projects.

Together with Eductrade, Panel has designed and developed the new That's English mobile application for both iOS and Android devices, in which students can take advantage of audio and video content anytime, anywhere, prioritizing the user experience.


The current App was developed years ago and suffered from performance issues. In addition, the maintenance of the application was very complicated due to the low scalability.


That's English is the only distance English course of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, and the basis is its audiovisual content. The didactic material is made up of physical material, the e-learning platform and the Apps for iOS and Android where the student decides at any time which didactic material they want to work with.

The applications deployed today were developed more than 3 years ago and, in recent times, they suffer from performance problems both in the login, on initial application load, media download, etc. In addition, the maintenance of the application is becoming more and more complicated, and due to the architecture proposed in its origins, the App could not be sustained as it is a poorly scalable solution.


The design and development of a new App for both Android and iOS, prioritizing the user experience at all times, and 100% responsive (mobile and tablets).


PANEL presents a series of proposals for improvements that have made the App a more usable and modern application, thanks to a team specialized in the design of responsive web applications that has worked in an integrated manner with the Software Development team, serving to accessibility and usability (UX) criteria and using different methodologies throughout development.

The new design of the That's English app is much more dynamic and is adapted to new market trends. All design changes are intended to improve the user experience, such as the use of more current and easily recognizable icons that provide smoother and easier navigation.

The use of colors depending on the level and other common elements such as header images gives it greater consistency and makes the application an easily recognizable product for users of the That's English environment.

The new design has a clean, modern look and enables quick and intuitive navigation where user experience is very important.


Mobile Application Development

UX / UI design

DevOps - Continuous Integration


Adobe XD | Zeplin | figma | SuiteCRM | Adobe Illustrator | photoshop

Kotlin | Retrofit | Room | SharedPreferences | Dagger | June | mockup | espresso

OkHttp | Moshi |Glid | Navigation | fire base | Lotte | Paging | Swift | Xcode12

RxSwift | Swinject | Alamo Fire | SDWebImage | SOAP-UI | SOAP API REST


Panel OGMA methodology, ecologic software manufacturing Agile methodologies involving the business team


Technological innovation.

Agile methodologies, applying DevOps.

Demanding TTM (Time to Market).




100% responsive application (mobile and tablets).

Improved user experience with a design that allows quick and intuitive navigation.

Android and iOS architectures under SOLID and Clean Architecture principles.

Improvement in the compilation and execution of the application.


Creation of BackOffice for news management in a simpler way.