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Transformation of ITALTEL's Cloud Infrastructure

Panel has transformed ITALTEL's cloud infrastructure by implementing a robust, secure and scalable solution on AWS, setting a new standard in operational efficiency and technological leadership.


Accompany ITALTEL in its digital transformation to respond to the demanding demands of the global market. 


ITALTEL is an Italian company with more than 100 years of experience in engineering and telecommunications services and IT systems that provides 360º services to its clients.

With the expansion of its infrastructure to multiple countries, the need arose for a system that guaranteed not only efficiency and scalability, but also impenetrable security and agile project management.

PANEL accepted the challenge, designing a multi-faceted strategy to boost ITALTEL's Cloud infrastructure by introducing technical innovations and management strategies that not only responded to immediate needs, but also paved the way for continued growth and innovation.


Transform Italtel's IT infrastructure, taking it to new horizons of commercial and technological success thanks to strategic collaboration and technical excellence.

Technical Innovations

  • Orchestrated Microservices with EKS: PANEL implemented a microservices ecosystem with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), optimizing application delivery and scalability.
  • CI/CD with Jenkins and GitLab: Established continuous integration and delivery pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab, accelerating the software development lifecycle and fostering collaboration and automation.
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform: PANEL introduced Terraform to manage AWS infrastructure as code, facilitating accurate and automated environment replication and configuration management.
  • Security and Network Management: Security management was improved through the advanced configuration of Security Groups (SGs) and network administration through multiple Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), ensuring the separation of environments and compliance with international regulations.
  • Data Storage and Management with S3 and RDS: Data storage was optimized with Amazon S3 and managed databases were implemented with Amazon RDS, guaranteeing data integrity, availability and recovery.

Collaborative strategy

  • Project Leadership and Team Management: PANEL provided technical and strategic leadership, through high-level cloud architect profiles for the management of cloud infrastructure, and project teams, guaranteeing compliance with objectives and alignment with Italtel's business goals.
  • Continuous Improvement and Adaptation: PANEL not only implemented solutions, but also established a culture of continuous improvement, applying proactive analysis and adaptations to infrastructure to address emerging challenges and seize new opportunities.

Panel has helped position ITALTEL at the forefront of the telecommunications sector, demonstrating that, with the right innovation and expert leadership, the limits of cloud technology are practically limitless.


Environments based on microservices.

DevOps and Continuous Integration Practices.

Infrastructure as Code.

Security and Network Management.

Data Storage and Management.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) | EKS | Jenkins | Gitlab | Terraform | Amazon S3 | Amazon RDS | Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)


Agile methodologies, applying DevOps


Technological innovation

Architecture Design

Security Improvement

Time to Market Acceleration

Methodological improvements and good DevOps practices




Business agility

Automation and DevOps practices reduced the time-to-market of client services, improving their ability to compete in the global market.


Scalability and Flexibility

The adoption of microservices and the management of multiple VPCs allowed the client to scale services quickly and securely in different geographic regions.


Vanguard Security

The client's infrastructure benefited from an improved security posture, with access controls and data protection that comply with international regulations.


Continuous Innovation

Panel ensured that the client remained at the forefront of technology, adopting the latest trends and tools in the cloud space.