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Solutions and Applications

A new perspective
in software creation

We turn your innovative ideas into reality, designing and developing the best custom software, and maximizing the value for your business.


Why Panel?

We understand the value our customers expect.

And we deliver it as soon as possible. Because we have a complete vision of the software development process, close to the business and involving all the people in the Organization.


We use low-power processes, keeping technical debt under control and ensuring future use of the software. In addition, we integrate processes of Software Quality Assurance in the development cycle and under the same organizational structure, from the beginning.

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We work under a maximum automation model throughout the software development cycle, with the aim of eliminating restrictions, reducing the times of each development cycle, and facilitating the success of applications' production deployments.

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Because we have comprehensive, self-organized, predictable and reliable teams that bring experience and creativity to large projects, reduce uncertainty and build trust.

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We use our own adaptive methodology, based on the best agile software development practices, and accredited in the CMMi-DEV and CMMi-SVC model at Maturity Level 3. In this way we are able to offer realistic solutions adapted to the nature of each project, and guarantee the highest quality of the final product.

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We are committed to the security of the software we develop, and we are experts in incorporating solutions for application security management.

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We include verification and validation processes throughout the development cycle, as well as global indicators of the process, measures of progress towards the objectives, and practices aimed at continuous improvement in long-term projects.

Reusable knowledge, the institutionalization of good practices, the control of technical debt and the future sustainability of the software, are the principles that make up our decalogue in the development of software applications. 



    UX / UI design

    We design by evaluating the ease of use of applications and web pages, to help create the best user experience.

    Adobe XD - Zeplin - Figma - HTML5 - CSS3 - Enterprise Architect - PHP - Photoshop - Illustrator - After Effects - Premiere

    We have an team specialized in the design of responsive web applications, covering the principles of user-centered design, taking into account accessibility and usability (UX) criteria and using different methodologies throughout development to assess user experience.

    • Visual design of the application.
    • Content architecture and navigation.
    • Design of the prototypes or wireframes of the web application.
    • Extensive experience in content managers and Web Process Optimization (WPO).
    • Optimization of the performance and usability of the applications.

    Software development

    We work with the latest technologies to create innovative and customized software solutions.

    Angular - BootStrap - Java8 - Spring - NodeJS - Vue.JS - .Net - Python - Perl - Groovy - REST - RESTful - SOAP - WSO2 - .Net - AWS - Azure - Google Cloud Platform - openStack

    We have teams Full stack development of front-end, back-end, data, apis, microservices, and open-stack. We offer high flexibility and capacity to adapt to variable demands, specialized technological environments, and a self-developed ecosystem.

    • High performance multi-device web application development.
    • Modernization and maintenance of applications.
    • APIs Application Integration Services.
    • Desktop application development.
    • On-Cloud developments and design of microservices architectures.
    • Integration with standard application solutions (CRM, ERPs, requirements, ALMs, etc.)
    • Use of low-code tools.

    Mobile application development

    We design and develop mobile applications maximizing user experience, performance and usability.

    Objective - C - Swift - Java - Kotlin - # - .Net - Ionic - Apache Cordova - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery Mobile

    We have an Specialized Team in the design and development of:

      • Native Applications:
        • iOS: Objective-C - Swift
        • Android: Java - Kotlin
        • Windows: # - .Net
      • Hybrid Applications: Ionic - Apache Cordova
      • Progressive web apps (PWAs): HTML - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery Mobile
      • Responsive design and development: HTML - JavaScript - CSS

    More about Mobile Applications

    Quality, Testing and Automation

    We verify that applications do what is expected, and we automate repetitive tasks.

    Selenium - Cypress - Jenkins - Postman - SoapUI - Zahorí - REST - Jenkins - Control-M - NAGIOS.

    We ensure the behavior and availability of applications in production, through SQA and Testing activities throughout the entire development cycle. We incorporate a high degree of automation, to accelerate the software construction process and reduce time to market.

    • Test Automation: Selenium - Cypress - Jenkins - Postman - SoapUI - Zahorí.
    • Automatic monitoring: HTTP - SNMP - REST - Jenkins - Control-M - NAGIOS.
    • Custom RPAs: File Treatment, Interaction with CRM, data exploitation.

    More about Quality Assurance

    DevOps Practices

    We accelerate the delivery and deployment cycles of applications, eliminating restrictions and aligning the Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) teams.

    Jenkins - GIT / Gerrit - Maven - Sonar - Docker - Kubernetes - OpenShift - Terraform - Ansible

    We align IT Infrastructure services with software construction activities, automating to the maximum and applying practices of continuous integration, delivery and continuous deployment:

    • On the cloud: Azure - AWS.
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Practices: Jenkins - GIT / Gerrit - Maven - Sonar - Deployments with containers - Execution of automatic tests.
    • Use of Containers: Docker - Kubernetes - OpenShift.
    • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform - Ansible.

    More about DevOps

    Cloud & Infrastructure

    We take your technological infrastructure to the next level, to boost the efficiency and competitiveness of your company.

    ELK - Docker - Kubernetes - Openshift/OKD - CloudStack - Open Nebula - Terraform - Ansible - Jenkins - Nexus - Jira - Github - Gitlab.

    We implement advanced cloud solutions that drive the efficiency, security and performance of your data infrastructure and operations:

    • Observability in infrastructure and applications: ELK, Zabbix, Datadog, Splunk, Dynatrace.
    • Container Orchestration: Docker, Docker Swarm, Podman, Kubernetes, Openshift/OKD, Tanzu, EKS (AWS) and AKS (Azure).
    • Multi-Cloud Infrastructure: CloudStack, Open Nebula.
    • Cloud cost optimization (FinOps).
    • Edge Computing and Real-time Analytics.
    • Digital infrastructure transformation: OpenTofu, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, CLi, Go!, Python.
    • GitOps for infrastructure management: Jenkins, Nexus, Jira, MS Teams, Remedy, Slack, Github, Gitlab.

    More about Cloud & Infrastructure Services

    Data Management and Analysis

    We exploit information, turning complex data into key information to transform your business.

    ETL - Python - Scala - R - MongoDB - Cassandra - Oracle - PostgreSQL - SQLServer - Spark - Hadoop - Kafka - Power BI - QLIK - DOMO

    Either with systems local storage, Cloud Computing o Big Data architectures, we are specialized in a wide range of technological solutions within the universe Data & Analytics:

    • Data Ingestion: ETL - Python - Scala - R
    • Data management: we offer administration, performance, design and construction services, and specific developments:
      • Non-relational: MongoDB - Cassandra
      • Relational: Oracle - PostgreSQL - SQLServer
    • Big Data Frameworks: Spark - Hadoop - Kafka
    • Data exploitation and analysis: Power BI - QLIK - DOMO

    More about Data & Analytics

    Application Security (SecOps)

    We incorporate solutions for managing the security of software applications, from the beginning of development.

    Nessus - OpenVas - SIEM - SOAR - MSSP - MDR and XDR - NeuVector - Aquasec

    • Protection of your digital assets at every stage of development and operation.
    • Code review, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing to ensure the robustness of your applications.
    • Identity and access management to control who has access to your resources.
    • Availability of a virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to lead and supervise your information security strategy.
    • Guarantee of results in accordance with the budget, resources and risk tolerance of each organization.

      More about Security


      We develop mobile experiences
      to make your business fly.

      We design, build and publish your mobile application, working with you from the beginning to ensure the success of the project. From the ideation phase to market launch, quickly and flexibly, maximizing user experience, performance and usability.





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