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Present and future of AI in companies: from generative AI to real monetization ideas.

Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's lips, but how do we apply it to our businesses? This was the theme of the event that we held on May 18 at our offices, and where we also presented the integration of BeDataScience in our company.

For this we had Pablo Rivera, Director of the Commercial and Operations Area of Panel Sistemas and co-founding partner, and Jesús Aneiros, Director of Data Science at Panel Sistemas and former CEO of BeDataScience. With the presence of historical clients of both companies and with invited technological experts, it was the perfect moment and place to talk about the keys to the integration of both companies.

The integration of BeDataScience

«When we met on the road, we understood each other very well at the business level; we spoke the same language”, says Jesús Aneiros. In addition, he points out that this harmony has a lot to do with the strategic importance of AI in the business, "we did not want BeDataScience to be cornered in a large company."

The months of talks materialized in a official agreement in January 2023. For Pablo Rivera, from Panel Sistemas, this association means "completing the puzzle of services within the company" that range from strategic and technological consulting to process automation, through the development of software applications and the recent inclusion of cybersecurity, among others.

Upon arrival at the event, we had announced the blocks we would be discussing at the round table and asked our guests to vote for their favorites.

Round table, present and future of AI

The monetization of AI in companies was the topic with the most votes and had a preferential place at the meeting. In this sense, Jesús Aneiros emphasized that monetization has been an absolute priority at BeDataScience. “We are obsessed with the result that companies can obtain from the technology we develop. We can talk about economic monetization, but it can also be a question of reputation, of services… The possibilities of AI are endless”.

This prompted several attendees to share their business experiences with AI, how they had applied it to their business, and even the various stages of the process, from getting started with poor data quality to refinement.

There was also a lot of talk in this block that "monetizing" is not always improving income or costs. In some companies like these, AI helps to provide a higher value-added service to our customers, and therefore access new business opportunities. In others, monetization consists of improving the reputation of the company, of doing things better. And even, for others like the Public Administration, the real value to be monetized is the time it will take to implement solutions that we know are useful for society. The bottom line is that the wealth of AI monetization in businesses is infinite.

In addition, we talk about Generative Artificial Intelligence, and other types of AI, going through its history to the evolution of the different AIs that exist today, such as ChatGPT, convolutional networks, reinforcement learning, etc.

There was also talk about the new emerging figure in this panorama, that of the specialist integrator, as a key element. In the current era of patronism, it is not worth developing new conceptual nodes, but rather a career of integration and specialization in concepts and techniques: knowing the business, specializing in AI algorithms, designing the architecture of the solution, and maintain it, define monetization scenarios, etc.

The truth is that it was a very warm and relaxed meeting where, in addition, we talked about the branches of AI, the possibilities of simulating complete business scenarios, the importance of focusing AI and models towards the real application to business. In short, how AI is going to improve our way of working in a continuous and positive way.

We closed the meeting with a cocktail and networking where we continued to share impressions on AI in companies and businesses. Thank you very much to all attendees. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

More information about our Artificial Intelligence platform and services, BeDataScience, in:

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