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TALENT: Continuous Learning, Development and Illusion

We are living the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, a new era with new technological and organizational needs. The labor market is increasingly demanding. Needs and expectations evolve very quickly: new profiles, tools, technologies, skills ... With this scenario, our great challenge is to learn to meet the new demanded Talent needs. Get up to speed!

Undertaking a journey into the future or ... the present!

This was the central theme of the interesting discussion table: "Talent development in the era of digital transformation" organized by @MadridNetwork y @StartUpTrainn. The day began by establishing the framework of the situation:

Data from the European Union show that in 2020 there will be almost a million vacancies for digital talent and, furthermore, 45% of companies do not find the right talent for their organizations ”. Gema Sanz, from @MadridNetwork citing the Manifesto for the Leadership of the Digital Transformation of the Spanish Economy through the development of Talent.

A situation that may initially seem pessimistic, but that in Panel Sistemas we want to turn it into an opportunity. The art of reinventing yourself. Let's train our talent and make the best of our ideas together. #SuperArte as a team!

For someone from Generation X like me, immersing oneself in this Fourth Industrial Revolution sounds like omen realities in our childhood dreams, Flying cars!  ?

Flying car

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI): we program machines to learn and teach us (Machine Learning), robots that bet on the stock market, modern toys with high AI content. Nanotechnology, biotechnology and analysis of the human genome that identify inherited diseases, robotic surgery. The so-called wearables with clothes and bracelets that measure our health and manage information that can prevent or anticipate problems. Smart Cities with sensors or arduinos to make things easier for us. Digital money that allows us to pay with mobile devices. Smart cars, driverless. And the gold of our century, the Big Data, with which huge amounts of information are analyzed for infinite purposes (According to a ADEI Observatory study, the implementation of policies that promote Big Data and Open Data would make the economy of the European Union grow by 1,9%).

An unprecedented revolution
that affects– “rá” our well-being, quality of life, and longevity.
Quite a challenge that we must be “prepared to prepare for”!

In the development of the debate table, Glory Valley as Head of Training at Syntonize, expressed the Difficulty finding courses on the market that are sufficiently advanced from a technological point of view. His formula to solve it: internal training and self-training. He also underlined the importance of offering development of the so-called “soft skills”, which he considers to account for 65% of any person's professional success. The trend is to value a candidate more for the tasks and professional skills they know how to do, giving less and less importance to the university or educational degree that they have completed, since, as indicated, "these academic titles are often somewhat out of date and have not created practical and operational skills to solve real work ”.

Our formula in Panel Sistemas?
Future Panel: a commitment to Talent

We see that generations of digital natives are showing the need to change current educational systems. The slowness of the Administration and academic institutions when approving the new training contents more aligned to the current technological demand, means that from the moment they are approved they are already obsolete: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 ... grow at a speed exponential. It seems that the best option is bet on an education based on teamwork, developing both individual and collective talent, as well as creativity.

With these premises the Future Panel bootcamp aimed at students of the last year of FP and / or Degree.

We are committed to a Specialization and Professional Development Program, based on innovation, collaboration and intra-entrepreneurship. We are looking for people with initiative and desire to share goals and objectives, who participate in real projects of digital transformation and technological innovation from the beginning, while specializing in advanced development technologies, with agile and collaborative methodologies, and tools that are part of our day to day.

PanelFuturo Group

For its part, Cristina Vicuna, head of the Talent Commission in the employer's association AMETIC, shared with us the initiatives they have open in order to align the training needs and those of the market, at the institutional level. For example, him Forum on the Alliance for the Development of Digital Talent, in which the awards 'Digital Skills Awards UK', created to recognize and reward projects that drive skills and digital transformation. Interesting initiative!

How do we promote it in Panel Sistemas?
Sharing ideas multiplies Talent - The # 101PanelTechDays

Sharing knowledge is as stimulating as pouring our expertise into software, therefore, every last week of the month we enjoy our 101 Panel Tech Days. For example, "Arduino and the maker world" o "Mobile application development with Apache Cordova" are shining examples in which colleagues from the Panel Futuro 2019 edition gave us a tour of the world of robotics, as well as a popular development environment for open source mobile applications. Thank you for your enthusiasm and initiative!

101PanelTechDays Mug

Returning to the conference on "Talent development in the era of digital transformation", in the analysis of technological development figures, Spain is in fourth position in Europe due to the excellent quality of telecommunications lines and their deployment throughout the national territory. But when you continue looking at the numbers, it quickly becomes apparent that digital literacy and the digital skills of professionals place us in the 17th place at European level. It is a pending and urgent matter to be promoted if we want our country to be highly competitive, according to Cristina Vicuña. I fully agree with her.

How do we enhance digital skills?
Innovation and Intra-entrepreneurship in Panel Sistemas

We have the firm conviction that Talent is a compendium of ability, creativity, skills, but also of attitude and enthusiasm. On Panel Sistemas we want to promote them from the Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, supporting the discovery of innovative business ideas and projects taking advantage of IT megatrends (Inmotics and IoT, Smart Cities, RPA and BigData).

 The combination of reasonable talent and the ability to persevere in the face of failure leads to success ”- Daniel Goleman, pioneer of emotional intelligence.

There are people with greater capacities and abilities than others to achieve their challenges, but Talent can be trained. Teamwork leads to success. Let's go for it! The challenge is served. The future of our companies and our competitiveness as a country and as a continent are at stake, it is not a small thing. We all have to make an effort to evolve and adapt to this scenario.

PanelSistemas - Intrapreneurship Program: Intrapreneurship Why should I be interested?

We have told you about some of the initiatives that we are promoting in Panel Sistemas, but we are not the only ones fortunately. There are more interesting initiatives with innovative approaches such as The first Talent Agency: GetManfred!

You can also delve into what was discussed during the round table "The development of talent in the era of digital transformation" in the detailed Chronicle of Madrid Network.

It is an open conversation,
in your company What initiatives are you promoting?
Let's talk!

Roundtable 2019 group attendees

Roundtable 2019 group attendees

lorraine castle

lorraine castle

Lorena Castillo is the Personnel Selection Manager at Panel Sistemas. You can follow her on her account Twitter or visit your profile at LinkedIn.

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    I would like to know if you need people to work as a data recorder, I have more than 20 years of experience.
    If so where do I have to go or send my cv.
    Thank you very much

  2. Mari Carmen Rodriguez Dominguez

    Hi Lorraine,

    I would appreciate if you could consider my cv for next open positions.
    I have already got my Salesforce Admin Certified 🙂

    Kind regards

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  3. lorraine castle

    First of all, thanks for your interest. You can send your cv to our account:

  4. Geraldine Meneses

    Hi, I'm Geraldine Meneses and I have solid experience using tools like Selenium, along with advanced skills in Java and Python. My track record in previous projects reflects my ability to solve problems exceptionally and achieve outstanding results, I am looking to enter a QA position.

    I am excited about the possibility of joining PANEL Sistemas Computer scientists and contribute with my skills and experience. My passion for excellence and customer satisfaction drives me to ensure the company continues to offer integrated financial services that positively transform the lives of our customers. I look forward to being part of a passionate team that shares my commitment to excellence.


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