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We automate software tests for the General Council of Notaries with Zahorí

The Notarial Certification Agency (ANCERT) was established by the General Council of Notaries with the aim of putting into practice the technological modernization plan of the Spanish Notaries, communicating electronically to the almost 3.000 notaries throughout Spain, the 17 Notarial Associations and the General Council of Notaries through a secure channel of encrypted communications.

ANCERT's main need was to provide its products with higher Quality, and to create a transversal QA department that would guide the company within the digital transformation process in which it is immersed, for this the Panel team defined 3 strategic lines using methodologies Agile under a complex technological environment in full migration of technologies:

  • Expansion of the QA Team, including technically trained profiles to address test automation tasks and implement its benefits within your SW creation process.
  • SQA methodology, carrying out an analysis of the existing work and marking the lines of action to evolve from the initial point to the final objective.
  • Selection, installation, configuration and maintenance of Automation Platform.

The implemented solution goes hand in hand with a multidisciplinary team capable of joining the development teams specialized in SQA Methodology and Process Automation.

It starts with a selection of candidates who join Ancert's existing QA team, who are trained and accompanied in the process. Subsequently, a Software Quality strategy was prepared that has allowed the scaling of the QA service assigned to a single project, to a transversal Quality office in the company.

To make this scaling in capacity viable, we rely on the regressive automation with our tool Zahorí.

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Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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