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The Evoltrue initiative in DevSecOps, awarded the FFUTURO INNOVATION AWARD 2023 by the AEC

by | October 25 2023 | Cybersecurity, News

Last October 20th it was celebrated at the Repsol Auditorium of Madrid, the first edition of the FFUTURO Awards INNOVATION 2023, organized by the Spanish Association for Quality and AEC Innovation Community.

These awards recognize the work of those companies and entities that, through a Innovative project They want to prosper and improve, always with the idea of ​​connecting ideas and people and, above all, to obtain a positive impact on the company and society, accelerate progress and advance the future.

In particular, at Panel we have been awarded the FFUTURO Award in the form of «Open Innovation», for our cybersecurity initiative EVOLTRUE. This recognition has been granted by the public gathered at this first Gala, through a real-time voting system.

EVOLTRUE is an initiative in services and solutions to make a Effective DevSecOps, integrating security from the beginning in software development. The goal is to help organizations address the security of their applications, integrating it from the beginning of the software life cycle, without generating delays in projects, nor affecting the TTM (“Time To Market”) or diverting the development, infrastructure and business teams from their objectives. That is, a DevSecOps strategy that allows software to be delivered faster, more stable and secure.

The companies Aena y Fagor Ederland They have also been awarded respectively with the FFuturo Innovation 2023 awards.

Aena in the 'Multiplica' modality, which rewards the innovation project that multiplies the value of the Organization, for a project with which they manage, thanks to the use of drones, to improve the detection of FODs (Foreign Object Damage), objects that They are found on airport runways. With this they have reduced operating costs, increased safety and reduced CO2 emissions.

In the 'Discover' category, which rewards the innovation project failed but helps to discover new opportunities and learn new approaches, the company Fagor Ederland has been awarded for presenting a project on Predictive Quality based on manufacturing parameters that, despite not being developed, has provided them with learning to detect and develop new lines of work.

In short, these awards from the AEC and its AEC Innovation Community recognize the work of those companies and entities that want to prosper and improve through an innovative project.

From here, we want to once again thank the AEC for its PremiosFFuturo initiative and its intelligent work to inspire a culture of Innovation in high-impact companies.

You can see the news published by the AEC at this link: Aena, Fagor Ederlan and Panel Sistemas, awarded with the FFUTURO Innovation Awards 2023 – AEC

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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