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Version control with Git

We leave you a new post with the last session of the 101 Panel Tech Days in charge of our partner Carlos Murcia. On this occasion they talked about Go, a very present tool in our company and the favorite version control system of our OGMA methodology.

Git is one of the most widely used version control software today and also one of the most headaches for newcomers.

De Git the first thing that stands out is its speed, especially managing branches, but it also highlights the ability it offers to create all the branches that are necessary, as well as the possibility of working with a large number of programmers and with a large amount of code.

This talk tried to explain the wonderful world of Git. For it, key basics introduced to check that this tool is not as complex as it may seem at first, as long as we are clear about what we want to do, and the work areas it is made of.

As well several practical examples were seen policy of work branches and conflict resolution when merging them.

Panel Sistemas

Panel Sistemas

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